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Welcome to the New Bass Notes

17 Jul

Welcome to the new Bass Notes!  I have changed the format to a blog because many of you were having problems with the e-mail format being too small to read.  The problem became more widespread after I got Windows 7, so it was time to try a new approach.

This new blog format gives each of you the opportunity to comment on articles.  Please be kind.  I write them all.  You can also ask questions about choir events.  I will answer with absolute certainty but no assurance of accuracy.  Most importantly, you can send me your anwers to the weekly Trivia Contest.  The prizes will be even bigger this year!

Additional pages of Bass Notes are listed horizontally above this post.  Some of them have pull-down menus.  Just click on the page you want to see to be taken to it.  There is also a clickable list of all the pages at the bottom of each page.  To get back to this homepage, just click on Bass Notes in the header on any page.

Please look around the new Bass Notes and send me your comments.  Is the text big enough to read on your computer screen?  Do you like the new format?  Is it easy to use?  How can it be better?  I look forward to hearing from each of you.  Just click on Comments below.  JRB