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New Information in Bass Notes

28 Aug

Check out Bass Notes for new information in almost every section!  Schedule updates, new sections in “Other Stuff”, John has jotted again, and much, much more.

See you tomorrow night at rehearsal.  Let’s all be there to follow up on our exciting Choir Retreat weekend.


Our Mission Statement for Church and Choir

23 Aug

Creating Environments where Non-Religious and Nominally Religious People become Deeply Devoted Followers of Jesus Christ (Music and the Arts) by Engaging People to Worship God.

Music imprints scripture and truth on our hearts, especially for children and youth.  These words learned and sung will remain with them for a lifetime.

Adorns worship like the perfume the woman “wasted” on Jesus’ feet.

Singing (or playing) in a choir creates community and interdependence of spirit and duty – I am one part of the whole body … necessary to use my gifts for the good of the whole.

Worship (and rehearsing for worship) here on Earth is our preparation for singing and worshipping for eternity at God’s throne.

Our Vision – “What’s our WIN”:

•  A full loft of people (youth, children, or adults) singing their hearts out, beautifully & powerfully, in praise to God

•  A congregation that sings strongly and with joy

•  Meaningful, transformative worship with moments of awe

•  Music that inspires, moves, and grips people … making them feel they’ve just touched something transcendent

•  Choirs of people that serve as “modified small groups”: taking care/praying with one another; learning and growing in faith together

•  People singing their faith strongly and living it strongly

•  Choirs that utilize (leverage) their gifts of sound and spirit to do good in community (hands-on mission, raising funds for missions, taking our spirit (The Spirit) to areas that may have forgotten or not known it …

Why Do I Sing?

Psalm 13:6

I will sing to the Lord, for He has been good to me.

1 Chronicles 16:23

Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim His salvation day after day.

Psalm 33:3

Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.

Psalm 40:3

He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.  Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.

Psalm 105:2

 Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell of all his wonderful acts.

Choir Council Minutes

21 Aug

A Year of Growth and Service


Music and Arts Overview and Outlook

  • Bradley Welch distributed a Mission Statement that serves as an umbrella under which Chancel Choir activities will take place.  Specifically, the emphasis on growing the number of members in all HPUMC choirs should be seen as qualitative when considered against the mission and the vision for when we “win.”
  • Mark Craig’s last Sunday will be April 28.  Sanctuary pulpit coverage following Mark’s departure is still being worked out.

Choir Council Role

The choir council serves as the hands and arms, feet and legs to carry out the mission and achieve the vision and goals for the choir.  Our work is done by members organized in committees and led by council members.  When individuals see a need and take the initiative to work on it, they should keep the relevant committee chair informed so as to avoid duplication of effort.  This is especially true in care and social areas where many needs pop up and are addressed ad hoc and case by case.

Special Initiatives

  • Recruiting.  David Childs is leading a 10 member committee that covers recruiting, on-boarding, and retention of members.  The committee is putting in place a number of ideas to support this.  They include recruiting at Sanctuary and Cornerstone services throughout September, events for “Gen Xers,” orientation for new members including a “buddy system” to pair newcomers with more experienced singers in their sections, preparation of an orientation document that includes commonly used music (Doxology, Eagles’ Wings, etc.) and current “etiquette” standards, directory update, telephone calls to prospective members within 24 hours of their expressions of interest, and many others.  The retreat, festival choir, and the tour will be used as “hooks” to attract new members.
  • CDs.  10,000 CDs should be available by the first week in October.  David Childs remains pleased with the high quality of the production.  We are projecting a $15.00 sale price.  Profits from the sales will be divided among the 2014 tour, the general music fund, and a special benevolence in one of the cities where we sing on the tour.  Many ideas are on the table for marketing this number of CDs.
  • Tour.  Plans are re-igniting for the 2014 tour to Budapest, Prague, and Vienna.  Tentative dates are June 27-July 7.  The operator will be ACFEA, the same firm that organized our highly successful 2007 France tour.  The postponement from 2013 to 2014 gives us time to secure commitments from 75 singers.  The tour committee will kick off re-commitment activities at the retreat.  They expect to be able to work out a customized payment plan for every traveler.  A blog is planned to maintain a steady flow of current information about the tour and our destinations.

Regular Activities

  • Sunday Worship.  Music quality is improving—diction, intonation, phrasing.  Our musical quality will continue to progress as our numbers grow.  The goal this year is 60 people in the loft at each of the 9:30am and 11:00am services.
  • Retreat.  Plans are in place for the retreat August 24 and 25.  Anton Armstrong will serve as clinician.  He will lead us in worship on Sunday August 26.  Under Susan Wilson’s direction, the second sopranos will serve as “hostesses.”  They have organized snacks and lunch.  To help recruitment and retention, a survey will be distributed that focuses on why people participate in choir and what they value about their experience.  Based on strong sign-ups this year, we expect to continue early season (late August) dates for future retreats.  Many clinicians are more readily available at this time than later in the fall.
  • Social.  Missy Fain has a willing group of workers on call to help with the year’s social events.  She will work with Bradley to establish a calendar so she can assign leaders and workers.  This will cut down on the number of impromptu social activities, although we will still need to meet demand for ad hoc receptions, case by case.  We will add dinners for eight this year, using the format that Susan Wilson pioneered most recently.
  • Cares.  Judy McMillin listed the impressive number of volunteers who met a staggering volume of care needs within the choir last year.  She will continue her excellent ministry, aided by Pam Ward.  Following Pam’s example, Judy will seek to name a representative in each section to serve as a point of contact for its members’ care needs.

Other Business

  • Cookbooks.  Cookbook sales have been brisk over the summer.  Since January, 399 books have been sold, primarily at FUMC Richardson in connection with the Beethoven performance and at the summer Rejebian book review series at HPUMC.  The goal is to sell 1000 more by penetrating early fall activities at HPUMC and by offering them again in the holiday season.  Barbara Lloyd has organized a committee that is implementing several new sales ideas.
  • Exhibits and Decorations.  Linda Piper is working on decorations for the choir room, consisting of framed posters, commissioned pieces of music, and other treasures.  She is preparing a library display to support the recruiting effort with a theme of “the best seat in the house . . . for worship, service, fellowship, and caring.”
  • Night Owls.  We will continue caroling for Night Owls this year and providing a meal for the Night Owl volunteers.

The upcoming year will be filled with new high notes.  The council leadership is motivated and committed to mobilizing our members to make sure we WIN in terms of our mission.

An Epic Ode of Choral Rebirth

21 Aug

My befriended to whom I’ve penned this ode extended:


Is that the leaves turning brown I hear?

Is autumn all but full in gear?

Is it time for another year?

It must be, yes, I fear, oh dear.


It is the week we’ve anticipated.

It is a choir week un-abated.

To choir internment camp we’re fated.

To sing some new songs, and some out-dated.

John Bardwesley Gibson

Lots of New Information

20 Aug

There is new or updated information all through Bass Notes.  Look for a new Trivia Contest question and last week’s winner, John’s Jots discusses experiences in First Grade, updated Upcoming Anthems, new Choir Retreat news, and much more.  Browse through Bass Notes to find it all.

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