Chancel Choir Retreat News

2 Aug

The Choir Retreat is coming up on August 24th – only about three weeks away.  The Retreat always includes fun, fellowship, good food and fantastic music making.  We have a chance to make this year’s Retreat the best ever.

David writes:

Hi Folks:

I couldn’t resist sharing with you the great news that we currently have 117 singers signed up for the choir retreat, with three ‘maybes’ and 15 yet to respond. This is amazing! I KNOW we can get over 130 to the retreat, and here is how you can help:

Use this opportunity to invite singers to join us for our first TowerArts concert on October 14th. Grab a handful of postcards this Sunday (they will be on the piano), and share your enthusiasm with others as you invite them to sing with you beginning with the retreat! (Most of the music we will learn will be for the October concert, which we will also sing as anthems
on fall Sundays). In addition, send me their names of your friends/colleagues/neighbors and I will personally invite them. You never know, this could end up being the largest retreat and fall concert ever!


Please follow up on this request guys.  Anton Armstrong will be an exceptional clinician – a humorous, engaging man and an incredible musician.  We need to share our time with him with as many people as possible.  Let’s set a goal of having five new Festival Singers in the Bass II section attending the Retreat.  JRB


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