This Wednesday – Questions about Tour 2014

21 Oct

Question Time!

We will have the opportunity to ask Hugh Davies questions about Tour 2014 at rehearsal on October 24th.  Hugh is president of the company we have engaged to organize our tour.  ACFEA provided the same service for our successful 2007 Musical Mission Tour to France in 2007.

Hugh will present updates on their organizational work thusfar.  We will have a short video to highlight past Chancel Choir Tours.  John Brown will be available after rehearsal to help anyone who has questions about the use of Tour Notes.

And speaking of Tour Notes, there are changes and updates throughout, including a new dessert recipe under the “Interest Areas”, “Food” tab.  I’ve made it.  It is great!

TOUR UPDATE:  As of last week, we had over 80 people signed up for Tour 2014.  That is a good number that tracks closely the participation for our tour to France in 2007.  The France tour ultimately had over 100 travellers.  If you haven’t paid your $100 deposit yet, please do so as soon as possible.  The Tour Committee would like to be able to tell Hugh Davies how many people to plan for soon after his visit on October 24th.  The number going on the trip impacts hotel selection, concert venue options, restaurant possibilities, bus size, etc.  The Tour Committee appreciates your help


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