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Choral Masterworks CD

Make sure to get your copies of the Feast of Choral Masterworks CD!  The release will be on October 14th at the Chancel Choir and Orchestra TowerArts concert – perfect timing to buy the perfect Christmas gift for all your family and friends.

Do you have friends who would be interested in knowing when the Choral Masterworks CD becomes available and how to order their own copies?  Information cards will be on the front tables when we return to rehearsals on August 22nd.

Cookbook Sales Update

Cookbooks will be available for sale at the remaining Rejebian Series programs on Wednesday nights this summer.

Did you give cookbooks to friends as Christmas gifts last year?  Why not give them a call and ask if they would like to buy copies to give to their friends as a Christmas gift this year.  Hurry!  There are only 1,300 left.

3,700 sold
$19,000 profit to date
$10,000 donated to Wilkinson Center Food Bank

Trivia Contest

Click on the Other Stuff “Trivia Contest” pull-down menu to access the Trivia Contest.


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