A Message from our President

Gerry Petty’s Memorial Service

Due to previously scheduled commitments, I was unable to join you in the loft today for Gerry Petty’s memorial service or to stay afterward for the reception.  However, I was able to attend the service itself, and I want to offer my compliments for the extraordinary contributions you made to it, including:

·       Chris Brunt’s opening and Bradley Welch’s closing voluntaries.  They captured the meaning of “voluntary:”  No one stirred before or after the service while these moving musical performances were offered.  We are very fortunate to have such virtuoso musicians leading us and accompanying us.

·       Kara Welch’s flute solo in The Lord’s Prayer.  We are blessed with access to talented instrumentalists who enhance and expand our repertoire.

·       That goes for David Childs’ compositions, too.  Again, we are blessed by the musical talent that surrounds us and leads us.  It enables us to do so much more and to do it so movingly as we seek to fulfill our mission to lead worship.

·       I always find the empty chair very touching when we are celebrating the life of one of our own.

·       David Oswalt’s appreciation.  Great idea to have a member convey these remarks and perfectly balanced execution by David—past and present, humor and seriousness.

·       Best of all was the sound that you created.  Sure, we know these pieces well, but today they were especially powerful and touching:  blend, dynamics, and, yes, articulation.  Special compliments to the sopranos—you sounded glorious all morning!

·       Arville’s compliment:  you deserved it and bless him for saying it!

·       Finally, the turnout.  The full loft of course contributed to the sound, but even more important was what it said about Gerry—and about us as a family.

All together your contributions made the service.  Once in a while, each of us should take the opportunity to sit in the pews and appreciate how good we are—as a musical ensemble and as a caring community.  Although nobody in the pews knew it but me, I was never prouder to be your president.



One Response to “A Message from our President”

  1. John July 22, 2012 at 5:37 am #

    Thanks Frank for your comments and encouragement.

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