John’s Jots – There Is A Reason

I had a difficult freshman year at the University of Texas.  There were 83 people in my small town high school graduating class. Public school had always been relatively easy for me.  Then I got to Texas as just one of 28,000 students and, to my surprise, the classes were very demanding.  I became increasingly sure that I wasn’t going to make it; that I was going to fail big-time for the first time in my life.  Now, I realize that my situation wasn’t all that unique for a college freshman, but back then – well, I was convinced I was the only kid swimming up-stream in a river at flood stage.

Sometime in the Spring, my uncle wrote me a letter.  He told me how he had coped with college challenges during his freshman year at Texas A&M; he reminded me that there were things I was doing well; he assured me I was capable of working through the challenges I was encountering; he chastised me to work harder; most importantly, though, he helped me understand why I was going to college.  He gave me a reason to succeed.

We have just experienced a challenging, meaningful choir retreat.  Dr. Anton Armstrong reminded us that there are things we do very well; he assured us that we are capable of besting the musical challenges we each encounter; occasionally, he chastised us to work harder (well, more than occasionally); but most importantly, he helped us understand why we are in choir.  God talks to us in music, and through us to others.  God deserves our best.  What a reason to succeed!

Share the excitement.  Ask someone to join choir, and see you in church on Sunday. JRB


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