John’s Jots – Toot Our Horn

My great-grandmother Beulah Pfannkuche used to say “He who tooteth not his own horn heareth not a toot.”  Sounds like that must be somewhere in the King James; I’m sure it is.  Well folks, we have a lot to toot about in Chancel Choir.  We are not “just a church choir”.  David tells us that.  David Davidson did too.  So did Bonnie Jean and Phil Baker before her.  But, if you’re like me, you take that compliment with a grain of salt.  After all, there is more than a little “cheerleader” in the job description of any choir director.  But when we hear the same thing from folks who don’t have a dog in the fight like Anton Armstrong and Craig Jessop or the congregation at Notre Dame in 2007 reaching out to shake our hands as we recessed, it begins to dawn on even the most skeptical of us that we do have something excellent to offer.

We have something excellent to offer to people who like to sing but need a personal invitation to help them decide “Now’s my time to join choir.”  We have something excellent to offer to people who are looking for a group to be their home in this big church.  We have something excellent to offer to people who pray best when they are singing.  Yes, we have something excellent in Chancel Choir, and we should share that excellence with everyone we can.  Invite a friend to join choir.  Invite a friend to join choir now, not next week or next month or never.  Tell him what a good teacher David is – none of us sing new music well the first time we see it.  Tell him about the unique fellowship choir offers.  Tell him about the upcoming Musical Mission Tour in 2014 and past trips to Chicago and France.  Tell him about the great new music we get to sing – it ain’t all written by dead white guys.  Tell him about what first attracted you to choir and has kept you coming back.  Toot our horn and you may just hear an echoing trumpet saying “YES!”

See you in church on Sunday.  JRB


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