Choral Masterworks CD Update

10,000 Choral Masterworks CDs are available for sale every Wednesday at rehearsal, every Sunday between now and Christmas between church services, on on-line for download.

The price for a single copy is $15 with discouts for larger quantities.  Choir members can buy the CD for $10.00.  It is available for download from the HPUMC website for $9.95.  Please see the link at the bottom of each page of Bass Notes for the link to the HPUMC website “Store”.  Profits from the sales will be divided among the 2014 Musical Mission Tour, the general music fund, and a special benevolence in one of the cities where we sing on the tour.

Many ideas are on the table for marketing this large number of CDs.  We need your ideas too.  Send them in.  You can do that below by writing you comments in the Leave A Reply box below this article.

The potential for being able to help others is so great if we sell all 10,000 CD’s that the sales effort deserves all our best efforts.  I know Bass II’s will lead the way.

If you have any questions or would like to help with sales, talk to Ley Waggoner.


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