Cookbook Sales

Over 500 copies of the Chancel Choir Cookbook were sold from June to October.  Congratulations to Barbara Lloyd and her team of dedicated salespeople.  Now is the time for the final push to sell the last 800 copies before Christmas.

Try calling your friends who you gave a cookbook to last year.  You know they have enjoyed having it!  Ask them if they would like to buy a cookbook to give to one of their friends.  The folks who already have a copy and have enjoyed using it are our best market for additional sales.  Cookbook sales raise money for the Chancel Choir Outreach Fund.  So far, we have donated $10,000 to Wilkinson Place Food Pantry.  The Music Ministry staff and your Choir Council will be considering other outreach opportunities in the coming months.

The cookbook is available on the HPUMC website on the “Store” page.  A link that will take you to the Store is at the bottom of each page in Bass Notes.


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