Folks to Welcome – Our Newest Basses

As new members join the Chancel Choir, we all need to make a special effort to help them feel at home.  This ain’t hard for Bass II’s; we’re all friendly, and Lord knows we like to talk!  Or at least, David knows.  Although we want to especially make sure new basses feel welcome, there is every reason to welcome new singers in other sections as well.  Let’s lead the way in welcoming everyone who joins, even tenors.

Bob Hinton is a new bass with several rehearsals and worship services under his belt.  That makes him an old-timer!  Bob is a local attorney with his own firm.  Continue to make him welcome.

Dabbs Woodfin is among our newer Bass II’s.  He is a first year student at Perkins and has sung in choirs his entire life.  He has made it through a rehearsal and Sunday worship service, and says he is having a great time.  Welcome Dabbs into the Chancel Choir.

Dr. Mike Clark, a new Festival Singers Bass II, is a doctor at the Cooper Clinic.  Mike has sung with the Dallas Symphony Chorus and other choirs.  Please continue to give him a warm Bass II welcome.

Please welcome longtime HPUMC member Ray Akin back to Chancel Choir after a brief 20 year hiatus.  He is a teacher with DISD.  Ray, we’re really glad you have decided to join choir again.  Welcome home!


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